Most of today’s applications run on the web. The browser has become the reference platform, a truly universal “operating system”. Modern standards allow word processors, real-time audio and video communications, and even 3D games to run in the browser.

From the traditional desktop browser to TVs and smartphones, we create web interfaces that work well and look good in any environment. We can also build the services and algorithms to manage the data generated by those web interfaces, should you require it.


We start with a prototype. A prototype is not a finished website - it is the general idea. It could be a drawing, or an actual webpage, but the important thing is to have a deep understanding of the requirements. We then start building the end product. We like using frameworks such as Vue.js and Nuxt, as they allow us to quickly get a project running, but also to split it up into smaller modules when it starts growing.

We believe everyone has the right to use the web. That is why we take accessibility seriously. We keep accessibility in mind throughout the entire process, to make sure the web remains a universal platform. In a world where mobile phones account for over half of all Internet use, we also make sure that the interfaces we create work equally well no matter how small or wide your screen is.

Web Animations

Take your website to the next level. Nothing grabs your attention like animation, and we can make your sites truly stand out by including both 2D animation and 3D graphics on your webpage.

Data services and algorithms

Our expertise doesn’t end on the client. Let’s not forget the other half of the equation. Where does all that data go to to get processed? We can also design and develop the data management servers that the web interfaces connect to. Based on technologies such as Express or Jakarta EE, we can build secure, scalable and performant server endpoints that can handle Terabytes of data.

We are fascinated by hard problems. And by that we mean NP-hard. There is a whole class of problems that is difficult to approach, whether by hand or with the help of a computer. But with special algorithms called metaheuristics, we can reach solutions that balance the requirements of all the parties involved. Whenever you must assign limited resources and balance the interests of multiple parties, you are probably facing an NP-hard problem, and we can solve staff scheduling, vehicle assignment, stock optimisation, and more.

The details are not the details, they make the design.

~ C. Eames